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At the beginning of this year I registered myself for the Nijmegen 4 Days/Walk of Life. A physical challenge in which participants walk various distances in and around Nijmegen for 4 days. In my case 50km per day.

Since February this year I started training for this challenge, with today as a tipping point to test if I can complete it. The reason for this is that besides the fact that this is a physical challenge I don't just consider it that way. Hence today I created a profile to raise money for a charity in addition to the challenge.

The chosen charity is KIKA, a charity that raises money for the fight against pediatric cancer.

As a young father of a beautiful, healthy daughter, I can only imagine what parents have to go through when their child is diagnosed with this disease. Imagine being at the start of your life and having to deal with this news. Fortunately, today 4 out of 5 children survive this disease, but it should be 5 out of 5!

The goal of KIKA is therefore to raise funds for innovative research and other activities in the field of childhood cancer, aimed at less pain during treatments, more cure and a higher quality of life later in life.

Please support me in the fight against this disease.

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€ 17 21-07-2023 | 21:17 Goed Gedaan Tom! En nou ff lekker bijkomen..
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30-04-2023 | 19:10 Wow, simply amazing! A week ago I posted about my physical challenge and the accompanying charity I want to support with it. After a week, my goal of 500 euros was more than met, the speed at which this happened was incredible. But with this speed much more can be raised! Therefore, I have adjusted my goal to 1000 euros. Donate via the link and help support KIKA!
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